Hidden Object : Haunted Castle

Secret Mystery Haunted Castle: Hidden Object Game 300 Levels is a real adventurous seek and find the hidden object and find the difference game for free for every single individual out there. This truly free hidden object detective game mystery has an ancient story connected to Ava, who is searching for the hidden objects in her old haunted midnight castle.

It’s summertime. The days are sunny and refreshing. Ava has reached to her old castle to meet her lovely grandparents and to experience the tranquillity of the countryside. But little does she know; her grandparents have been waiting for her to solve the hidden secret mystery of their haunted midnight castle. Her grandparents have been witnessing some spooky and evil-looking activities over a couple of months.

How to Play Secret Mystery Haunted Castle: Hidden Object Game 300 Levels:
– Join the secret quest of Ava to investigate the spooky puzzle scenes.
– Find Hidden Objects just by tapping on them.
– By using ‘Zoom in’ feature, find ‘the hard to find’ hidden objects.
– Whenever you feel stuck in the puzzle feel free to use ‘Hints’.
– Hover the mouse on already zoomed picture to search for hidden objects.
– Whenever you like to see the whole mystery scene again, zoom out the puzzle scene.
– Use these hidden objects for collecting evidence and solving puzzles.
– Connect all these clues and find the real reason behind all these dangerous activities.

Some objects of their manor have been getting hidden by a phantasmal smoke. Now, Ava is all set to discover the hidden and spine-chilling mystery by hunting for all the hidden objects. These hidden objects are the clues to unravel the cause of these evil-looking and heart-pounding activities. So, become an eagle-eyed detective and start searching hidden objects and find the difference in the haunted castle with Ava.

Features you will get in Secret Mystery Haunted Castle: Hidden Object Game 300 Levels:
– Different hidden objects scenes in 150 Levels.
– Unique 150 ‘find the difference’ puzzles.
– More than 1000 hidden objects to find in the whole game.
– Use HINTS to help yourself for searching the hidden objects.
– Multiple levels with mysterious places full of hidden objects.
– Download Hidden Objects game for free.
– The adorable, appealing and alluring character of Ava.
– No internet connection or downloads required, now play hidden objects game without getting worried about internet data connectivity.

Secret Mystery Haunted Castle: Hidden Object Game 300 Levels is a mind-boggling and exhilarating mysterious hidden object and spot the difference game. Join this challenging and addictive hidden object and spot the difference game and become a keen-eyed detective with our beautiful and innocent Ava. This hidden object game does not have any hidden costs and assures you a fascinating experience without the need of internet connection.

!! Venture into the extraordinary and remarkable journey of Ava for free!!

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This game helps in building up the vocabulary and enhances the problem-solving skills while playing find the difference and hidden object games, of an individual. Secret Mystery Haunted Castle: Hidden Object Game 300 Levels provides you a rip-roaring and soul-stirring journey. It makes you eagle-eyed individual by searching all the hidden objects in a cluttered scene. Join Ava in her haunted castle and scout all the hidden objects for free offline.