Hidden Object : Invisible

Get ready for an incredible adventure!

Welcome to the Invisible Creatures Hidden Object Game, friend! It’s a story about Arabella, a detective that is in a great need for an assistant so help her solve one of the greatest mysteries of her life. She wants to reveal the mystery. Are you ready to join her and become a master detective yourself?

In this exciting adventure hidden objects game, you will meet Arabella, a brave and independent detective. Now she is on a mission to uncover all the mystery of Invisible Creatures. What exactly do you think will she find?
Invisible Creatures Hidden Object : Arabella takes you on a journey. Though, you won’t be alone in your quest. Hints will help you find hidden objects. Reach the items beyond your grasp and solve mind-bending puzzles.

Invisible Creatures Additional Features :

– Over 10,000+ hidden objects to search for and discover!
– Multiple ways to play, search and find the hidden objects!
– Play with stunning sound effects!
– 2000+ gaming quests and levels!
– Use hints when you need help!
– Different puzzle game!
– Awesome graphics!

The time is up, and the investigation is about to start! Arabella can only trust you to help her solve the mystery! Be ready to face many exciting and thrilling challenges.
FIND THE CLUES – Pick up your magnifying glass and investigate the scenes. The hidden objects can only be found by someone with an eye for detail, and I bet that’s you, fellow detective!

SOLVE MYSTERY GAMES – As a mystery seeker, you’re solving puzzles finding objects & uncover unsolved mysteries. Hours of fun & object finding games await! Solve the mystery riddles & play photo puzzle game!

MYSTERY WITH ADDED GLAMOURE – Experience hundreds of dazzling Hidden Object Scenes that will test your problem-solving skills, exercise your memory, and help sharpen your mind.
ENTER INTO THE MYSTERY WORLD – Lose yourself in this addictive adventure Game. Build your visual memory as you travel to new locations.

RELAX AND UNWIND – Make this seek-and-find puzzle part of your mindfulness routine. Unwind while you solve mind-teasing mysteries in opulent settings. You’ll be surprised just how much you can improve your memory skills with these brain teasers!