Hidden Objects Games Free : Ghost of Darkness

if you really like mystery games our free hidden object game is a real gift for you.

This is an excellent find hidden objects for kids which can be used as an educational and learning game for kids of all ages.

Discover the hidden Object in each level and earn as many stars as you can to escape to the next level but bear in mind that the time is short and you have to finish the task before the timer has expired.

Our brain games are full of little objects to search & is a top hidden object game. It is a very challenging & addictive puzzle game full of entertainment for both kids & adults.

Ghost of Darkness Game Features:

- Awesome Hidden Object Levels
- 100000+ hidden objects to find
- Try to get the highest score and be on top
- Use HELP to find objects and get unlimited time
- Pinch & Zoom to spot objects that are difficult to find
- Amazing Graphics in this hidden object game
- Stunning sounds!

If you want to get a high score in this free new hidden object games you will have to play carefully. Play ‘Hidden object game’ and start looking.

Are you ready to become a mystery man in our unique game where life is more complex & fantastic than just lost objects & simple puzzle games?

Well our new free hidden object games puzzles are hard, test your detective skills now.

You’re at the right place! Free download “Hidden Object Game” and start your own hidden objects adventure!